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IT'S hip

friendly, NON JARGON ACCOUNTing superheroEs 

fair and square

Based in Portsmouth we help businesses all over the UK thrive by taking away accounting headaches and providing guidance, advice and tools that can help you supercharge your business.  

We don't do jargon, boring meetings or tell you off, just amazing accounting advice to make your life easier.


Sit back and relax, we've got you covered with all the services you need.

Achieve accounting zen from a team that's got your back.

  • Preparing your tax return can be difficult but we make it easy.

  • Easy peasy lemon squeezy for the Square team.

  • Accurate records are a must and bookkeeping is our bread and butter.

  • Everyone loves pay day, we make doing it easy.

  • Making boring company admin super simple.

  • The business power up! Vital data to make the best decisions.

all the badges

not only are we chartered accountants we're also xero, free agent and quickbooks experts.

we can even discuss your future business plans and help you achieve your goals.


why is square not just "another accountant"?

yes we have the qualifications, the experience, chartered accreditation and can use accounting software like a boss but...

that's not important

what's important is how we pride ourselves on giving our clients the best experience possible and put your needs before ours...

at square it's about you, not us.

Our Job is to make your job easier.

helen smith
director of square

our clients

I have complete trust in the square accounting team. They deliver exceptional value and security to me and my business with clear and speedy communication. The relationship feels like one of partnership and I highly recommend the team.

Thomas u

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